Funding UZDeals: A Glimpse Into Our Transparency Ethos

Upholding Transparency and Earning Trust: The UZDeals Revenue Model

At UZDeals, the financial well-being of our users is paramount. We aim to maximize your savings during online shopping sessions. UZDeals operates without ads, does not charge fees, and staunchly protects user privacy.

Earning and maintaining the trust of our community is our top priority. We're not just here to facilitate savings; we're committed to operating with complete transparency and integrity. Below, we detail the mechanisms that sustain our platform, always putting your interests and privacy first.

Understanding Our Affiliate Partnerships

Similar to various online platforms, UZDeals benefits from affiliate partnerships with certain retailers. This means we may earn a commission if a purchase is made via a coupon linked from our site. However, we vow to:

Our Ethical Stance: No Ads, No Data Sales

UZDeals sets itself apart from other coupon sites by adhering to key principles:

Empowering Shoppers, Courtesy of Shoppers

Our directory includes coupons for countless stores, irrespective of financial gain. Unlike some platforms that limit their listings to commission-paying retailers, we strive to broaden your saving opportunities.

Your trust and satisfaction are the cornerstones of our service. We aim to foster a reliable and transparent space, making UZDeals your go-to for discovering coupons and enhancing your online shopping savings.