How UZDeals Discovers, Verifies, Tests, and Ranks Promo Codes

At UZDeals, our core mission is to assist shoppers in saving money during their online shopping endeavors. We are committed to maintaining transparency and honesty about the operations of UZDeals. This page is dedicated to explaining the processes involved in discovering, verifying, sorting, and publishing each coupon on our site.

Discovering Promo Codes

The journey to uncovering the best promo codes involves searching across various platforms where they are typically published and shared. In today's digital age, promo codes can be found in numerous places, such as emails, social media, podcasts, or even physical advertisements.

Our extensive search encompasses over 20 sources to ensure we capture the best codes available. This includes direct codes from stores, affiliate networks, and even codes submitted by shoppers like you, discovered in unique places like newspaper ads or receipts.

How We Sort and Verify Promo Codes

The backbone of UZDeals is our sophisticated system, powered by both human effort and AI technology, dedicated to collecting, verifying, and sorting promo codes. This system is crucial in filtering through codes to find those that provide real savings.

How We Verify the Quality of Promo Codes

Our commitment to quality means ensuring the promo codes we publish are effective and reliable. We source almost all our codes directly from the stores or their marketing partners, avoiding the recycling of outdated codes from other sites.

How We Rank and Display Coupons

The ranking of promo codes on our pages is determined by several factors, including the code's freshness, value, our own testing results, and feedback from users like you.

Why You Might Not Always Find a Working Promo Code

Despite our best efforts, there are reasons why a working promo code may not always be available for every store, including rapid expiration of codes and restrictions on their use.

Why We Still Publish Codes That Might Not Seem to Work

Due to the varying conditions of promo codes, it's challenging to determine when a code has universally expired. Our aim is to support as many shoppers as possible in saving money, which is why we may still list codes that have a chance of working for some.

Known expired codes are also displayed because they sometimes still work for certain purchases, offering an opportunity for additional savings.